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Confessions of...
Confessions of a Non-Existent Mind
1. I have guns growing out of my bones. It hurts, sometimes.
2. Sometimes I like to imagine pigs teaching time to fly. This thought makes me smile.
3. My brain gets stuck sometimes, and I have trouble switching from my internal monologue, to external dialogue.
4. Sometimes, to prove to myself that I exist, I bleed. I don't cut myself, prick myself, stab myself, or bite myself. I just bleed.
5. Some say 3 is a crowd. I think it depends on how big of a room you're in.
6. I've found that applause is an addiction. Like heroin, or checking your email.
7. I believe that the moon is a myth. It's just the other side of the sun.
8. Living is a state of mind.
9. Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you walked in? I think that's how dogs spend their lives.
10. As children, we're all told that we're unique. Doesn't that make us all the same?
11. The more often you "hit the nail on the head," the sooner your coffin will be sealed.
12. I find that hyp
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Bandage a wound on my prison floor,
liquid bruises paint a picture of more.
Infected history, cancer's the cure.
I'm building a nation out of paper and words.
Strike the match and watch the city burn.
Tape the ashes back together, try to prove what you've learned.
Talking politics with the man on the moon,
My plastic mind being stirred with a spoon,
I'm under the ice and you'll be here soon.
Measure a soul by the worth of the man,
Scream to the people "Blessed are those who are damned,"
Swallow my words like cold ashes and sand.
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I Will Wait.
These feelings are tangible with depth,
opaque and solid.
You brighten the consistantly concrete-colored skies in my life,
with brightly hued warmth.
When I see you, emotion,
raw and uncontained in it's purest form,
flows through me, and my legs go weak.
My hands become cold and cumbersome like lumps of unmolded clay,
at the thought of your smile, your laugh, your eyes.
The perfection that you are is truly incredible,
as is the extent to which your personality reaches beyond the point of amazing.
Your presence can only be answered with a smile.
You cause such warmth that the sun,
desperate to not be outdone, shines brighter.
Reason and logic become bubbling doubt,
and fabric is torn.
Confusion sets in as I try to understand my own feelings.
You're beautiful, in every sense of the word.
Right now, you may not think much of me.
But if I have anything to be proud of, it's my patience.
I can wait.
I will wait.
I will wait.    
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Hold the Cliche
Cat got my tongue-tied in a Gordian knot,
I'll cut through it with a sharpened mind.
The dish ran away with your silver spoon,
Now you've lost your wooden nickles and you've lost track of time.
I have my head in the clouds,
The silver linings are lies,
But I can see the pigs teaching time to fly.
You've hit the nail on the head,
Another one in your coffin,
Those who follow the piper are led to rats more often.
I've got my head in the clouds,
The silver linings are lies,
But I can see the pigs teaching time to fly.
Hold the cliche.
Ohhhhh; hold the cliche.
No matter how true, the definition of you,
hold the cliche.
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James Dillbeck
United States


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